save me from my “friends”

So I fear it may have been lost in the DDoS attacks on LJ, but I’m looking for suggestions as to what costume I should wear to the Sirens masquerade ball. The theme is “monsters,” and so far, the only idea proposed — by some people who claim to be my friends <g> — is that I should dress up as Sarah Palin. I therefore look to you, oh Other LJ Readers Besides Those Two, to give me some better alternatives.

I like costuming a lot; I just don’t have any good ideas right now. And depending on what I settle on, I’ll need some lead time to prepare it, hence asking now. Any thoughts?

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  1. akirlu

    Medusa? Greek makes for a very quick no-sew costume, and you could have a lot of fun with make-up and a rubber-snake headdress.

    Lizzie Borden, if you have an interest in doing an over-the-top late Victorian costume.

    Vampires will presumably be overdone to death, so you could let your imagination do run amuck with what a Lamia might look like, instead.

    Some more ‘traditional’ monsters: Grendel’s mother. The Sphynx.
    The harpies. The Norns.

    A Wicked fairy / member of the Unseelie court.

  2. leatherdykeuk

    A dragon 😉
    or Rupert Murdoch

  3. mrissa

    Why not be one of your own villains?

    • Marie Brennan

      Because I dressed kinda sorta as Lune last year?

      (Which people would know if I’d posted pictures. Maybe I’ll get that done this week. It’s only, like, nine months late.)

  4. beccastareyes

    I have a personal affinity for sea monsters — neat costuming elements with scales and seaweed and ship debris.

    • lindenfoxcub

      I like that idea, I’ve always loved the picture of sarah brightman on the cover of “dive”:

      It inspired me to write a scene in a novel I abandoned, that’s the only scene I might salvage from the thing someday, where the personification of a hurricane stops by while a ship is in the eye of the hurricane, to have tea with an old lady passenger. I liked the idea of the almost dreadlock like hair, decorated with bottle caps and pop can tabs and shells, and other garbage. The scene had nothing to do with the story, but readers loved it. You could do something like that and call it a siren of some sort.

    • diatryma

      Selkie! Not exactly a sea monster, but could be done simply and elegantly.

  5. rabidfangurl

    A Siren. ;D

    Alternately, a harpy. Or a sphinx.

    ETA: …and got there first. Perhaps one of the Bacchae?

  6. gollumgollum

    One of the Moirae? Wear your hair down and carry scissors?

    But only because you probably don’t want to wear a bald cap and go as Neil Burnside. (;

  7. d_aulnoy

    Melusine! If you’re lucky, you can convince K. to go as Horrible.

    Alternately: one of the Lamia, who is somewhat similar; am seconding the idea of the sphinx, because I think you have a nicely inscrutable air about you which would lend itself to the persona; perhaps check out Dora’s nifty column for inspiration?

  8. cloudshaper2k

    My wife suggested Maleficent.

    How about Celia from Monsters Inc? Maybe La Belle Dame Sans Merci? It’s a little more obscure but a Yuan-Ti would stand out.

  9. lowellboyslash

    Argus Panoptes! The Nemean Lion! FENRIR FENRIR FENRIR.

    Or, you know, you and your manfriend could go as the two halves of Sleipnir. AHA HA HA HA HA.

  10. kurayami_hime

    For the record, I was not advocating that costume. I was merely pointing out that you had the supplies necessary should you choose such a monstrosity.

  11. jennifergale

    I know it’s a little too classic in some ways…but a magnificent Medusa headdress would be a thing to behold. Live snakes optional, of course…

    Possibly heavy to wear and difficult to port, though.

  12. sandmantv

    Go for pretty over a witty pun/joke.

    When I think “pretty monster” the first thing that comes to mind is Mazikeen from the DC world tiamat360 once did a fantastic costume of her.

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