holy cow, they liked it

You have to be a subscriber to Kirkus Reviews to see the whole thing (or, y’know, have a publicist who shares it with you) — but here is a quote from the (ahem) STARRED REVIEW I just received:

Brennan’s grasp of period detail is sure, as the Dickensian squalor of most mortal sections of the city has its mirror in the teeming desperation of the Goblin Market. Despite the cast of thousands, many of the characters have real presence, and after a slow start the plot coheres and swirls forward into a series of tense and surprising conclusions. An absorbing finale to a series that has grown richer with every installment.

There’s been a general pattern of reviews of the series echoing that last phrase, and I have to say, I’ll take that graph, thankyouverymuch. I guess maybe from a sales perspective it would be better to have an amazingly awesome first book, and then tail off afterward (presuming your readership doesn’t all vanish), but artistically? Hearing that I’ve done better with each attempt is very satisfying.

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  1. lowellboyslash

    A starred review from cranky old Kirkus? Hip hip hooray!!

  2. stephanieburgis

    Wooooot! Congratulations!!! (And I am SO IMPATIENT to read it! 🙂 )

  3. jimhines

    Sweet! Go you!

    I’m between 1/3 and 1/2 way through, and am enjoying it so far. (But I miss a certain character who’s offpage for most of the book, and I had no idea if that would qualify as a spoiler or not…)

  4. aliettedb

    That’s an awesome review, w00t!!!

  5. teleidoplex

    That rocks so hard. Congratulations! (And the fox sends his congrats as well)

  6. ninja_turbo

    Congratulations! That’s huge. 🙂

  7. starlady38


    And yes, I’d definitely agree that the books have gotten better and better–though I liked the first one quite a lot as it was. 😉

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