Fifty days!

The countdown continues. Today, I share with you my research photos from last year.

It is, as usual, only a tiny selection from the whole: 39 pictures, when I took somewhere between five hundred and a thousand. But a lot of those are blurry, terrible reference shots from inside dimly-lit museums, or placards reminding me what the next photo in the sequence is, or things that wouldn’t mean much to anybody but me. I chose these to give you a sense of some of the things, places, and people that are important in the novel, with a few tossed in for sheer aesthetic pleasure, and a couple more for nostalgia.

Plus a whole wodge of shots from the Natural History Museum, because the decoration in there really has to be seen to be believed.

The rest of my photos, including those from previous Onyx Court research trips, are here.

0 Responses to “Fifty days!”

  1. tltrent

    That museum is my cathedral! And can’t wait for the next book! (Also just realized I owe you a list…Oops. I bet it isn’t very useful now, alas).

  2. stevie_carroll

    Some smashing photos there. I applaud your dedication to research.

  3. wshaffer

    Swinging monkey skeletons! *Glee!*

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