link salad is putting Firefox on a diet

Yeah, there were two other writing-related links I forgot to include in the original post (and the follow-up post).

First, The Periodic Table of Storytelling, built from TV Tropes. There’s some entertaining stuff in there.

And second, this post over at 2D Goggles? Yeah. That is so very much what it’s like, sometimes. (Both writing and running an RPG, now that I think of it.) Especially the bit with the tiger. <evil grin>

And then, because it seems a waste of a perfectly good link salad to stop at the writing-related material:

“The Possibilian” — a fascinating article about David Eagleman, a leading researcher on brain function and how we perceive time. His take at the end, on science and religion, is particularly engaging; there’s something to be said for celebrating how much we don’t know, and could potentially learn.

What makes a body obscene?tooth_and_claw and anybody else who really digs androgyny/playing with gender perception/etc. will dig the image. The story of what happened to the magazine is also particularly interesting.

Poor Jane’s Almanac — a fascinating tale of Benjamin Franklin’s sister, and what it meant to be a woman in the eighteenth century.

Okay, that’s enough for this round. Now hopefully my tab groupings will be a little less absurdly overcrowded.

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  1. cafenowhere

    Thank you for the link to “What makes a body obscene?” Neatly crystallizes the interplay between gender and judgment.

  2. tooth_and_claw

    Andrej Pejic is really kind of amazing. Beyond just the pretty, his spreads often play very heavily with androgyny and what defines feminine/masculine in imagery. He grew up in a small eastern European town, too– not the easiest place for a boy to look like that.

    One of the commentors on the site mentioned how thin he is and how he’s probably unhealthy. I abhor the body policing, but it got me thinking about feminine androgyny, and how one of our clearest markers is an extremely willowy body.

    • Marie Brennan

      Yeah, funny how seeing a male body treated the same way as a female makes people start saying “wait, that isn’t right!” . . . but too few of them then notice the logical conclusion that follows.

  3. pameladean

    Thanks very much for the “what makes a body obscene” link. That was really fascinating, if depressing.


  4. stevie_carroll

    The Jane Mecon article is fascinating, and makes me wonder just how much history we’re still losing over here. Some of our open air museums are more jumbled than the average village where buildings are sited, and I’d love more detail on who lived in the houses at their original locations, but at least the curators are trying.

    Of course that’s not to say we haven’t already lost a lot of the history that wasn’t about the well-off, the white folk, and the men.

  5. deachjes

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