Lirez-vous français?

If you can read the above sentence and the answer is “yes” (or rather, “oui”), drop me an e-mail at marie[dot]brennnan[at]gmail[dot]com. I have two copies of Guerrère — i.e. the French-language translation of Warrior — looking for good homes. (No residents of France, please; I’d prefer to send them to people who can’t find the book in their local shop.)

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  1. jimhines

    Huh. I can read the question, and the answer is non. Which amuses me far more than it probably should…

    • Marie Brennan

      And that’s why I put two “if” conditions in the following paragraph. 🙂 (I, too, can read simple sentences like that, but it doesn’t mean I can read French.)

  2. kadnkadnk

    Oui, s’il boys plait! I think you might have my address already, but ping me if not. 🙂

  3. rosa_g

    Random question… do you know if the French language editions will be available outside of France? I’m asking specifically with regards to French Canada, since that’s where I’m from! XD I’m constantly suggesting titles to my school librarian, and I’m getting a bit tired of giving her English titles and it being promptly followed by her giving me a funny look so as to say “you know you work in a French school, right?”

    • Marie Brennan

      They probably won’t be available through routine channels; so far as I know, French Canada, like the rest of Canada, is part of the North American distribution sphere for books. Since this edition is being published in France, it’s coming out in entirely a separate distribution sphere. I’m sure there’s a way to order them, and maybe bookstores in French Canada have some kind of connection for such things — but I don’t know details.

      • rosa_g

        Hmm… I’ll inquire about that at my local french-language book store. I never know where Canada falls in the book distribution sphere because sometimes we get lumped together with the US, and sometimes we get put with the UK (and the rest of the commonwealth). I always find it interesting to see which book covers and editions we end up getting! And as for the French books… well that’s a whole other ball-game! Thanks for the reply though.

        Oh… and yeh, it should be “lisez-vous LE français.” Alternatively, it could also be “lisez-vous en français.” You usually want to avoid future tense and stick to present tense (in this case) or go with the conditional tense (liriez-vous). Ahh French grammar, how it likes to complicate our lives! 😉

  4. ide_cyan

    Do you mean “Lisez-vous français”?

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