a question for the raver-types

I’d like to attach EL wire to the edge of a fan, but I suspect it wouldn’t like being doubled up when the fan folds. Am I right about that? Any suggestions for how to get a cool glowing edge by other means?

(What I really want is for the fan to light up automatically when opened, and go dark when folded. But I suspect that would require rather more engineering than I’m capable of, or want to do.)

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  1. moonandserpent

    Ask Christina (cgasko at gmail dot com) – she sews with EL wire.

    And would you want something that glows on its own or is photoreactive?

    • Marie Brennan

      I’d prefer glowing rather than photoreactive, since I’m mostly going to be in a lit space. Good call on e-mailing Christina; I’ll give that a shot.

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