Apparently this is Amazon’s day to post Surprise Cover Art.

Hey, look! I seem to have finalized cover art!

Y’all know what that means: it’s time for another “please make me an icon, because I suck at image manipulation” contest. Something featuring a crop or resizing or whatever of that cover, plus the title, like ceosanna did for A Star Shall Fall. Winner will get an ARC of the book when I have one, or a copy of Star, according to their choice.

Eeee! I can haz cover!

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  1. mrissa


    • Marie Brennan

      Not to be confused with braiiiins.

      The train was actually my suggestion. In fact, I won the Helpful Authorial Cover Idea lottery this round; I’m the one who suggested flipping the composition of Star’s cover, putting London up top and a menacing train at the bottom. I think it came out pretty well!

      • alecaustin

        The train and such looks very nice to me. I think the composition works better than it did on Star, actually.

        (Though that may just be the fact that I’ve always thought that the Dragon on Star looks like he’s, um, skydiving.)

  2. starlady38

    Oh wow, that is epic.

  3. jimhines

    Ooh, very nice!!!

  4. stephanieburgis

    That is GORGEOUS. I can’t wait to read it!

  5. scribble_myname

    Don’t know how to make a link clickable, but there you go

    • scribble_myname

      Re: Don’t know how to make a link clickable, but there you go

      Apparently, I’m the only one who doesn’t know how to make it visible in the thread. :groans:

      Trying again.

  6. shakatany

    Here’s mine:


  7. pameladean

    Train train train train TRAIN!



  8. la_marquise_de_

    That is utterly gorgeous.

  9. moonandserpent

    Say, that looks pretty damn nifty.

  10. nonnycat

    Oooooh, how beautiful!

    I would make an icon but I suck at icon making myself 😉

  11. tltrent

    Woo! What a saucy cover! Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  12. akashiver


  13. calico_reaction

    Oooh, shiny! Very nice! I like how it matches A STAR SHALL FALL!

  14. danielmc

    congrats! and, oh. HI!

  15. shveta_thakrar

    Hoorayyyy! So lovely.

  16. ninja_turbo

    Awesome cover, and it goes very well with A Star Shall Fall. Win!

  17. gothicsparrow

    That cover is so pretty! Eeee! It’s getting closer to realbook time!

    I’ve just finished reading A Star Shall Fall this morning, and went looking for the spoiler thread, because… because. And had been wondering if the next time I checked, you would have the cover art. And you did!

    I found the spoiler thread! It looks lonely…

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