A Seed of Hemlock

Diana Wynne Jones has passed away.

I deeply regret, as I knew I would, that I didn’t make it to the special Diana Wynne Jones convention in Britain a few years back. It was my one real chance to meet her, and honestly? If I could meet any writer in the world, I probably would have chosen her. Possibly even if “any writer in the world” is expanded to “in history, too,” because Shakespeare’s cool and all, but what would I say to him? His plays may be awesome, but Diana Wynne Jones is the one who made me into a writer.

It was Fire and Hemlock that did it. Polly and Tom telling their story, within the story about them, and the blurring between the two — it’s a story about stories, in many ways, because among other things the book is about “Thomas the Rhymer” and “Tam Lin,” too. I was nine when I read it, and when I put the book down, one thought stood out clearly, for the first time in my life: I want to tell a story.

I did get to tell her that, at least, via the proxy of Sharyn November, when her (I think) seventy-fifth birthday rolled by. Sharyn was collecting birthday messages, so I typed up the tale of how Fire and Hemlock turned the nebulous storytelling impulses so many children have into a firm intention, and lo and behold I am now a writer. But I would have loved to shake her hand, and to thank her for inspiring me to my purpose in life. I don’t think I write anything like her — I don’t think I write anything like most of the authors I really admire — but it all grew out of the little seed of hemlock she planted in my mind.

. . . to heck with the part of me saying, “um, this would be a huge project and I’m not sure you really have the time.” I think I will undertake to re-read her complete works, and to blog about them as I go. It’s the best tribute I can think to give.

That, and to keep on writing.

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  1. Marie Brennan

    I’ve got this little voice in my head saying you should have tried harder to meet her. You have no idea how much I envy you those occasions.

    • la_marquise_de_

      Most of my meetings with her were in the late 80s and early 90s: after that, her health was so fragile that she rarely travelled and had to limit her contact time. But I understand how you feel: I fluffed my one chance to meet Zelazny and have regretted it every since.
      Next time you’re due to come over, you’ll have to let me know if there’s a British writer you really want to meet, though, and I’ll see what I can do.

  2. kythiaranos

    I loved Fire and Hemlock, and I was so sorry to hear the news of her passing.

  3. jorrie_spencer

    Oh no! She’s been a very important author in this family. Read by all of us, though different books resonated with different family members.

  4. lanerobins

    Oh, very sad news. She’s one of my all-time favorites. I loved the way she wrote siblings. The Time of the Ghost is one of my constant re-reads. I’m looking forward to your project!

  5. marycatelli

    It was a shock, running across that name as having died.

  6. wshaffer

    I never met her, and I haven’t read as much of her work as I really should have, but I’ll miss her too.

  7. moonandserpent

    It’s funny. I’ve never read any of her work, but have had opportunity to be exposed to her a decent amount of times over the years. She always seemed to be the nicest person int he room – and smart, and funny and kind. Not in the way that invites a description of her actions “that was kind of her” but in the way that describes the person themselves, a deep-rooted kindness that is vanishingly rare and deeply cherished.

    I think that what you’ve said here, that she infected you with the spark of writing – is the greatest tribute I could think of.

  8. cloudshaper2k

    I just read all of the Howl’s Moving Castle books in the last month. Very sorry to lose her.

    I know what you mean about not getting to meet someone. I passed up my one chance to see Rich Mullins in concert. However, in the last year, I taught the last song he ever recorded to our AWANA kids. I can think of no more fitting tribute to him than hearing a hundred kids singing his songs.

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