help_japan is underway

Bidding has begun on my short story offer. I forgot to mention before that I will probably try to sell the story, and money from that sale will go to Doctors Without Borders, so whoever wins this auction will get a double return on their buck.

(If you missed the original explanation of the auction, it’s here.)

The situation at Fukushima has me really, really worried. My fingers are crossed so tight they hurt, that the efforts to cool the reactions there will succeed.

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  1. greybar

    A friend of mine posted the link to the MIT NSE Nuclear Information Hub if you or others are interested in technical explanation of what’s going on with the Fukushima plants.

  2. sjcarpediem

    There’s no need to be so worried. The plants are already shut down. This is decay heat. They’re getting cooler by the hour even without doing anything…

    (P.S. I live 250km away.)

  3. usagiko

    I still think that they should just do the Chernobyl solution to be on the safe side – the reactor is totally useless at this point, anyway.

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