a better use for this icon

You know that poll I did before, on what kind of waiting is best?

This kind is — the kind where I’m waiting to share interesting news with you guys. Because really, then I’m making you wait, with my cryptic posts and all. Offloading the irritation, as it were. Much better than hanging in limbo myself, don’t you agree?

What? Why are you glaring at me like that?


0 Responses to “a better use for this icon”

  1. beccastareyes

    Well, I hope whatever it is, you can share it soon.

  2. alecaustin

    Sweet. Glad you have interesting news to taunt us with.

  3. lady_jade_01

    You sure you haven’t been hanging around another author I know that lives in Canada??? *raises eyebrow* This is JUST like her….

  4. teleidoplex

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I know something other people don’t! ::dances::

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