today’s dose of gaming geekery

Courtesy of lunch with my husband, I give you The Lion in Winter (preferentially the Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn version), with the characters re-cast as Changeling sidhe of various Houses:

  • Henry — Gwydion. The rage says it all.
  • Eleanor — Fiona, most likely; one of them has to be, to explain their screwed-up marriage.
  • Richard — also Fiona. Philip, plus “When the fall is all there is, it matters.”
  • Geoffrey — Ailil. Naturally. He’s a cold-blooded scheming bastard.
  • John — this one is hard. Tongue-in-cheek, he’s a Dougal; he made that little headsman toy, and clearly his physical defect is his brain. As kniedzw said, though, “I respect the Dougal too much for that.” Problem is, we respect all the Houses and kiths too much for that.
  • Alais — Liam, maybe. On account of being stepped on by everybody around her.
  • Philip — Eiluned. Mostly because I can’t tell when he’s lying and when he’s telling the truth in the bedroom scene, and neither, I think, can Henry.

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  1. teleidoplex

    If it were actual history, I’d peg John as pure Fiona. He pretty much dumped his first wife, threw his entire kingdom into a turmoil, and insulted Hugh whatsisface and stuff all for the hotness that was Isabella. But I guess that doesn’t really come up in the movie.

    Also… Richard was an ass, and John was probably a better king. Poor guy gets the shaft, historically.

    • Marie Brennan

      Heh. We actually just had this debate on the SF Novelists list. When you get right down to it, neither of them was a very good king.

      But yes, this is definitely operating from the film version, where personalities are a bit more clear-cut.

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