Perl help needed

I could use a spot of help from somebody who knows their way around Perl. The task at hand is to write a reliable script that can do a multi-line replacement across multiple files in multiple subdirectories — to take X (longish) chunk of text and swap Y chunk into its place.

If you’ve got the skills to do that, and the free time to do it in the next day or so, please drop me an email at marie -dot- brennan -at- gmail -dot- com.

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  1. Anonymous

    *nods* From reading his interviews, Sanderson definitely likes Mat a lot. I think he tries too hard to make him funny — while missing the essence of what made him a humorous character in the earlier books. He makes him very jokey is a kind of jarringly modern way, IMO. He also really likes to hammer the womanizing angle in a way that I find… irritating.

  2. boannan

    Mind if I share this with a couple of coder friends – strangers to you – who might be able to help? No problem if not.

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