I’ve missed this

You know what I love about reading fiction?

I can do it while walking places.

For the last four years, a large proportion of my reading has been nonfiction, most of it research for the Onyx Court. Which requires my attention to follow complex sentences and complicated arguments, and often I end up taking notes: not very compatible with strolling down the sidewalk. But if the book in my hands is a Dorothy Sayers mystery? I can jaunt off to the grocery store, no problem, and not feel annoyed that the walk is taking up valuable time, because I’m entertaining myself as I go.

No doubt whatever I write next will require some amount of research. But until then, I’m going to do my very best to read ALL the fiction.

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  1. clothdragon


    I had a friend that would read during his daily walking commute and got so distracted with his book that he nearly walked into traffic. A hasty beep made it a close call rather than a done deal.

  2. alecaustin

    I actually met one of my better friends in Junior High because we, uh, ran into each other on the quad. Both of us were reading while walking.

    I don’t walk and read so much any more, but that was a rather salutary experience to have.

  3. janni

    I know someone who still considers me a risk-taker because once she saw me reading as I walked to the bus stop. I think her standards for risk-taking are remarkably low in turn …

  4. stakebait

    I gave this up in 3rd grade after I nearly walked into a moving car… but I recently saw a commercial for an app that used the gadget’s camera to display the view of what’s immediately in front of you behind the words, so I might be able to take it up again.

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