not directly about Writing Fight Scenes: knife fights?

xahra99 asked this in comments to the last “writing fight scenes” post, and I couldn’t remember very well, so I put it to you all here:

What films and/or online videos would you say show relatively accurate knife fights?

I know I’ve seen some that looked good, but none of them are coming to mind right now. I figured it was more efficient to ask the Great Internet Overmind, rather than staring at the wall trying to prod my own memory into working. (It always makes me think of that line from Hamlet: “Cudgel thy brain no more, for your dull ass will not mend his pace with beating.”)

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  1. sillylilly_bird

    the one in the sauna in Eastern Promises – the added fun of wet tile as footing

  2. mastadge

    Not a movie, but author Matt Stover, whose combat scenes are nonpareil as far as I’m concerned, has briefly mentioned knives on his blog here.

  3. scottakennedy

    The one that comes to my mind is one I saw long ago, A Grande Arte,

    It’s full of knife fights if I recall correctly.

  4. erdedrache

    It’s been a bit since I saw it, but there’s a movie called The Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio del Toro that features what I remember as enjoyable and accurate knife fighting techniques.

  5. xahra99

    Thanks a lot to everybody! Will add to Netflix list asap!

    • erdedrache

      The Hunted should be streamable, but make sure you get the one with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio del Toro, not the ninja movie of the same name with Christopher Lambert. 😉

  6. mastadge

    I can’t recall how much actual fight there is, if any, but there’s a scene in Secondhand Lions in which a guy pulls a knife on Robert Duvall in a bar, and Duvall teaches him him how to hold a knife if he’s serious about pulling a knife on someone in a bar.

  7. Anonymous

    I had the same feelings about Havemercy; I loved the idea, and wanted so much for it to be better than it was, it makes me want to take the idea and write my own story to do it right. 😛

  8. Anonymous

    (1) Thanks again for these posts! Love ’em! Too bad months till the next one.

    (2) Was going to say that two of the random “where is this going and why is it here?” issues you mention pay off in ToM, but someone already mentioned one. I smiled when I read your description, thinking of it, and didn’t think the pay-off was that bad, too be honest (small, but relevant, in a way that has something to do with events in “A Gathering Storm.” The other pay-off you might actually think worth the wait. Tho there is still further resolving to be resolved, on that issue.

    (3) All I remember from W’sH is the ending, which was, indeed, full scale awesome.

  9. Anonymous

    Oh, no.
    I had the privilege of meeting Diana on several occasions, and a nicer, more interesting, wittier person you could not meet. I am crying now: she will be greatly missed.

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