this “early bedtime” thing is for the birds

An attempt to go to bed early last night backfired spectacularly, with me waking up in the wee hours of the morning and spending god knows how long attempting to go back to sleep, before giving up around 7 a.m.

Remember, folks, my usual schedule has bedtime around 3 a.m. and waking up at maybe 11 or so.

I suspect this afternoon will feature a sizeable nap. At least if I want to make it through kobudo and karate tonight without falling over.

On the bright side, the utter screwing up of my sleep schedule has produced the impossible, namely, me getting some writing done in the morning. Since my sleepless brain decided to entertain itself with my Yuletide story, I knocked out just shy of two thousand words when I got up. I probably have another thousand or so to go, putting it pretty near the average for Yuletide fics, if maybe a bit longish. Feels about right to me.

It’s an interesting challenge, writing this thing, trying to match the characters’ voices: the perennial difficulty of fanfiction, and not one I deal with much as a professional writer. And I have an extra challenge in that I’m trying to get one of the characters wrong in a deliberate fashion — but even that is proving complicated, because the manner of the wrongness also has to arise from the source. (I hope that’s sufficiently vague as to not give things away that I shouldn’t.) Suffice it to say, I made it through that part of the story, and we’ll see what I think of the result when I’ve slept. Hopefully by then I’ll have figured out how to do the next bit, too.

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  1. beccastareyes

    So far, I have about 2,000 words myself and should finish in a day or two. Which is good, because I already offered to pinch-hit (because I am insane). But, it made me realize how much I enjoy what I’m doing — it feels like the words are coming easily and steadily, the story’s shape has always been clear, and I usually gear my offers towards things where I can be lighthearted in my fiction.

    • Marie Brennan

      I have one treat I might write, for a fandom I offered but wasn’t assigned; if I get this done in time (which I probably will), I’ll take a crack at that. It would be a lighthearted bit of fun. This one, less so — but it’s not half so bleak as my early, unfinished concepts for what the story could have been. I’m not sure whether it says more about me or the source, that my thoughts went first in that direction. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      BTW, do you mean you put yourself on the pinch hit list, or that you’ve already signed up to pinch-hit for a particular recipient? (I ask because I’m on the list, but haven’t seen any e-mails yet, and am wondering if they’re being eaten somewhere along the line. They aren’t in my spam filter; I’ve checked.)

  2. marycatelli

    I concode on the sleeping. Unless I have something in the morning to get up for I’m a natural owl myself.

  3. Marie Brennan

    Via Yahoo, I think, but I’m not sure. Debating whether I should bother fixing it; I won’t really be pinch-hitting, so it’s simply a question of whether I want to do anything for Madness. (That goes out on the same list, right?)

  4. Marie Brennan

    Re: not a mod, obviously, but

    I was thinking in the sense of just browsing Madness to see if anything catches my fancy. I did just write a treat of more than 1K and uploaded it; other than that, I think I’m fine with just chilling out, rather than trying to tackle a pinch-hit (though I had originally intended to volunteer for that, too). If Madness doesn’t need me to be on the pinch hit list, then I won’t worry about e-mail issues for this year.

    Out of curiosity: do you know how the Madness prompts get listed? (Or at least how they’ve been listed in the past.) Like, if I go browsing through the list, am I likely to see my own unused prompts showing up, which would therefore tell me what kind of story I’m about to receive? If it’s broken up by fandom or something I can just avoid looking at my own fandoms, and ditto if it’s alpha by username, but if it’s just a hodgepodge I might trip across them by accident.

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