maybe it’s the fluoride

They really must put something in the water, because shower-time packs more story inspiration per minute than any other thing I do, and that includes driving.

Which is by way of saying I figured out the entire plot of my Yuletide story while washing my hair, and I am very pleased with it. Hopefully my recipient will be, too. I think I’m managing to play to the ideas they floated in their request letter, while also incorporating some nifty ideas of my own. (And best of all, it’s unlikely to balloon up to a ten thousand word monstrosity. Which is good, since this has to be done by the twentieth.)

Now, do I start work on the story, or spend more time reviewing the source? Decisions, decisions . . . .

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  1. moonandserpent

    The shower is where I do my best thinking. Which is why I hate that my new water heater is so tiny.

  2. la_marquise_de_

    Showers are definitely the best, though I personally blame the inaccessibility of any way to make a note of the good idea moment.

  3. wldhrsjen3

    I love showers for inspiration! I keep a notebook and pencil in my bathroom so I can jot down any ideas as soon as possible, and I’ve been known to dash from the room wrapped in a towel and sporting dripping hair just so I can scribble something quickly. ^_^

  4. sartorias

    Heh! Me last night, “Do I start or do more research?”

  5. theironchocho

    I always get great ideas while washing my hair. It’s as though massaging my head coaxes them out.

  6. beccastareyes

    A friend of mine lists showers, washing dishes and walking as her best ‘inspiration times’. I can believe it — you’re doing something that doesn’t engage that part of your brain but you aren’t idle, and the work is just enough to minimize distractions.

    • Marie Brennan

      That’s definitely part of it, and why driving can also be good thinking time (if traffic doesn’t demand too much of your attention).

  7. Anonymous

    It’s not the fluoride. Fluoride is a communist plot to sap the pure essence of our natural bodily fluids. The only creativity it could possibly help is commie creativity. You should stick to grain alcohol or rainwater.

    Pass me that machine gun, would you, Mandrake?

    Jack D. Ripper, BG, USAF
    Commander, 42d Bomb Wing
    Burpelson AFB, CA

  8. jennifergale

    This made me laugh. I’ve taken two showers a day for the last week because of this very same phenomenon.

    Something about cleanliness and godliness…

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