Time to fall over.

With Fate Conspire is revised and off to L’Editor.


Length of final draft: 157,000 words

Length of kill-file, containing material longer than a sentence or two cut during the process: 57,000 words


Dear Whichever God Rules Over Novelists,

What do I have to sacrifice to you in order to guarantee that my next novel will not require me to write thirty-six percent more material than I actually use? Lemme know, and I’ll get right on that.

Your obt. servt.,
A Very Tired Writer

0 Responses to “Time to fall over.”

  1. nojojojo

    ::adds own prayer to ‘s::


  2. Anonymous

    You’ve already gotten a good deal, as I normally require a sacrifice of forty percent excess words (and a small furry animal). Stop complaining.

    — The God Which Rules Over Novelists

    • Marie Brennan

      Could I bargain you down to twenty-five? I mean, we used to have a deal even better than that, but these days I’m willing to settle.

  3. wshaffer

    Woot! Congratulations!

  4. edgyauthor

    Congrats on finishing your revisions! (Even if it resulted in a large kill-file, heh.)

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