apparently I still have some brain

How excited am I about the project I intend to pitch next to Tor?

Excited enough that I spent part of this afternoon working on the proposal for it, instead of just drooling on myself in a fit of post-novel lethargy. I think that must be a good sign.

Other blogging will return shortly, with fight scene advice, Wheel of Time analysis, and more. But first, I will probably drool on myself for a while.

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  1. unforth

    Coolness! 🙂 And keep a box of tissues handy (or, if you’re feeling green-minded, a bowl…)

  2. artemisgrey

    I love when I work myself into absolute mush on some project because I’m so excited over it and then someone (usually my mother, or another family member) asks me why I did it and I say ‘because it makes me happy’ and then they look at me funny where I’m splayed out on the couch barely conscious and I know that as much as they love me, they don’t get it…

  3. pameladean

    I’m still drooling on myself non-stop, my excuse being that my agent is supposed to be examining the proposal for the next book and deciding whether I made the outline less intimidating.

    I am glad to see that there may be some intervals in the drooling at some point.


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