more than official

With the two new scenes I added in tonight, With Fate Conspire passed the 150,000 word mark. (150,975 words, to be precise.)

Nothing next to the bricks of epic fantasy, of course — but more than long enough for me. Unfortunately for that sentiment, I have four more scenes to add before this revision is done. Please, God, don’t let this book balloon all the way up to 160K . . . .

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  1. marycatelli


    Let us hope that it’s amenable to revision. downwards

  2. edgyauthor

    Wow, that’s…a lot of words. Good luck keeping it from turning into a monstrous 160K!

  3. brigidsblest

    Totally off-topic

    I finished reading A Star Shall Fall a couple of weeks ago, and the various hijinks of the Fae were still fresh in my mind tonight when I watched an episode of the TV show Supernatural that I had TIVO’d a few weeks back.

    The thrust of the show (I dunno if you watch it) is a pair of brothers who hunt down and kill dangerous supernatural creatures that prey on humanity. This particular episode centered around mysterious abductions of children (framed originally, and deliberately, as alien abductions, right down to the X-Files-esque opening title sequence), but was eventually revealed to be abductions by the Fae.

    About six and a half minutes into the show, the camera panned past a shop window emblazoned with the name “Brennan’s Watchworks”; Mr. Brennan turned out to be a major character in the evening’s plot. I was reduced to trying not to giggle at the coincidence (?) of seeing your surname in a show centering on the Fae.

    Sometimes I wonder if the folks who write my favorite TV shows also read my favorite books, and slip in little in-jokes.

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