three cool links for your Friday

Unless you’re on the other side of the planet from me, in which case I think it isn’t Friday for you anymore.

The Justice League of America, Magnificent Seven-style — Superman and Wonder Woman and so on translated into Japanese film idioms.

The most awesome Fallout LARP ever — played on an abandoned base near St. Petersburg, Russia, which makes a fabulous atmosphere for a post-apocalyptic game. The costumes are even more fabulous, and the lengths they went to for setting up challenges . . . jaw-dropping. Just page down to look at the pictures, and know that your own LARP group? Is not this cool. (Unless you’re a member of Albion.)

How cats drink — “‘Three and a half years ago, I was watching Cutta Cutta lap over breakfast,’ Dr. Stocker said. Naturally, he wondered what hydrodynamic problems the cat might be solving.” The answer is pretty amazing.

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  1. rahkan

    Ummm, also, this quote from the cat-drinking article: “The project required no financing. The robot that mimicked the cat’s tongue was built for an experiment on the International Space Station, and the engineers simply borrowed it from a neighboring lab.” — This article basically came from the Big Bang Theory

  2. marydell

    That is a seriously awesome LARP.

  3. icedrake

    I am in awe of my former countrymen and -women.

    Also, if you look carefully at the robber photos, some of those guns are definitely not mock-ups…

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