more things I bring upon myself

Things You Should Not Put Into Your Novel, No Matter How Good You Think Your Reason Is, Part Two:


<swears at Madame Blavatsky>

<goes back to revising the book>

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    How about early mediaeval (Celtic) canon law? What was I thinking?

  2. tltrent

    LOL. That is awesome.

  3. moonandserpent

    No! Moar Theosophy! Moar!

  4. shui_long

    I thought the theory was to make life “interesting” for the characters – not necessarily the author – but you clearly like a challenge…

  5. feather_silver

    I thought I was the only one entertained and horrified by anything Madame Blavatsky wrote, participated in, stole. It’s all very wonderful but I do agree it doesn’t work well in the long run. Possibly because so much of her life/art/stuff was fabrication adding it to something else spoils the brew. What a shame! Thank you for pointing that out 🙂

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