Whoa. Apparently I’ve picked up something like thirty-plus new readers since I started the “fight scenes” sequence of posts.

Hi, all! And welcome! This has actually put me up over five hundred readers, which is a nice little landmark; I feel like I should do something to celebrate it. Like giving away prizes.

As near as I can tell, alpheratz, you’re Reader No. 500, so you win! And so does everywherestars, chosen by the highly scientific expedient of pulling up my profile, closing my eyes, and sticking the eraser end of a pencil randomly at my screen. E-mail me at marie [dot] brennan [at] gmail [dot] com, and I’ll give you a selection of prizes from my Box O’ Books And Other Things I’ve Written.

(I know that not all of the 517 readers I currently have are necessarily still reading LJ, so if I don’t hear back from everywherestars, I’ll pick another recipient.)

BTW, I mentioned this to alpheratz in comments, but if you’ve read the entirety of the Lymond Chronicles and want onto the filter wherein I’ve been book-blogging the series (mostly just The Game of Kings so far), leave a note here. That particular project is on hiatus, but I have no objection to comments on old posts, so new readers are always welcome.

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  1. rachelmanija

    I want on the Lymond filter!

  2. wldhrsjen3

    I would like to be included on the Lymond filter – can’t recall if I am or not. It’s been a long while since I read them all, but I finally bought the complete set for myself and plan to re-read them soon. 🙂

  3. alpheratz

    Awesome, prizes! *emails* I don’t think I won anything ever since we did a term-long Ancient Greece roleplay in 8th grade and I won the drawing to be the town speaker or the judge or whatever… you can tell how educational that game was by how well I can remember it and everything.

  4. elaine_thom

    yes please, I’d like to read your thoughts on Lymond. I’m also looking forward to following the writing fight scenes essays.

  5. edgyauthor

    Wow, over 500 readers? Congrats!

  6. everywherestars

    I won something?!

    this is most awesome and has absolutely made a bad day so much better! 😀

    I am so very happy to be part of your readership!

    • Marie Brennan

      Yayyyyy, you did see that! I’m very glad to have made your day better. Drop me a line on e-mail and I’ll set you up with your prize.

      • everywherestars

        Heya, I dropped you an email on fri and I’ve just found the bounceback in my spam, so gmail is clearly toying with me. My addy is everywherestars at gmail if that might work better? 😀

  7. galeni

    Francis? Yes, please, I’d love to be included. Will cause me to reread the books, too, which I’ve been wanting to do anyway.

    (So many books, so little time!)

  8. lindenfoxcub

    “Whoa. Apparently I’ve picked up something like thirty-plus new readers since I started the “fight scenes” sequence of posts.”

    Some of those might have been my fault 😛 I posted a link to it on the OWW writing forum.

  9. aulus_poliutos

    There’s a Lymond filter?

    Me wanna see them posties, please. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      My apologies for not getting to this sooner, but if you click on the Lymond tag now, you should be able to see all the locked posts.

  10. emgrasso

    I’d like access to the Lymond commentaries, please.

    When I first encountered them, the last of the books had not been published yet, and only the first few volumes were available in the library. Powering through the first half of a series as fast as the books can be inhaled and then waiting months or years for later installments does odd things to my memories of the pace and rhythm of the series.

  11. Anonymous


    A friend turned me on to this, and I would adore to read the Lymond posts.
    As one of your other commenters mentioned, I started the series when there were only 2!!! of the books out and waited faithfully the years between each volume. And then re-read them periodically. (Showing my age here)

    Now I have to explore your fiction. Happy newness.

    Nanette Furman

  12. Anonymous


    Please let me in on this! Have read and reread those books for 40 years .
    Not exagerating on that. Whee.


    • Marie Brennan

      Re: lymond

      Sorry I missed your original comment! Unfortunately, I can’t add you to the filter if you don’t have a Livejournal account. If you sign up for one, though, all you need to do is give me the username.

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