I bring these things upon myself

For the amount I’m having to juggle who knows what about whom and when they know it (and when they don’t), I really ought to have a mystery novel to show for it.

Instead, I have an Onyx Court book that makes me want to tear my hair out.

Let this be a lesson to all concerned: never inflict amnesia on multiple characters at once. (No matter how good your reason for it may be.)

Ah well. L’Editor liked it — quite a bit — so there’s that stressor removed; I do still need to do a lot of work, but it’s entirely of my own making. Can’t really blame anybody but myself for that.

Oh, hey! The “l’editor” thing reminded me. If you’re a fluent French speaker and could spare me a few minutes of work checking a handful of lines from this story, please drop me a line, either in comments or by e-mail. It isn’t much, but I should probably fix it before this goes to the copy-editor.

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  1. rosa_g

    I’m a francophone (so as fluent as you can be). I’d be happy to look over a few lines! 😀

    As for tearing your hair out… it’s never a good idea! 😉

  2. sjcarpediem

    Hey, my name’s Stephanie and I read your meta on fight scenes and story/characterization, which was linked to me from an old reading list member now on DW. I’m adding your journal because you seem interesting and I’d like to read more while saving myself the trouble of coming here specially. I’m not bothered if you don’t add back. If you decide you have a problem being read, just let me know and I’ll be happy to make the necessary changes. 😉


    • Marie Brennan

      I have no problem with people friending me! Welcome.

      (Nihongo ga dekimasu ka?)

      • sjcarpediem


        (ma-ma, nihon he san nen kan ni sundeimasu.)

        • Marie Brennan

          (In which we totally lose most people reading the comments:)

          Sou desu ka? Doko desu ka? Ane wa Fukuoka ni sunde imasu. (Mae ni Gifu to Tokyo ni sunde imasu.) Shousetsu no tame ni, watashi wa mata nihongo o benkyou suru tsumori deshou.

          • sjcarpediem

            hajime ni nen kan ha shikoku ni sundeimashita, sono ato ha koube-shi ni, sono ato (to ima) ha shiga-ken ni… tabun ne, rainen no haru toki ni, atarashi shigoto wo katte, tsugi no tokoro he ikimasu (ka na…).

            ane-san ha nohonjin to kekkonshitteiru ka nihon no jisei ga suki datteiru ka? itsu kara nihon ni sundeimasu ka? swan_tower-san ha koko he kurukoto ga arimasu ka? doko he? itsu kara nihongo wo benkyoushitteimasu ka?

          • Marie Brennan

            (Aikon wa Rurouni Kenshin no Sanosuke desu ne? Heeeee. <g>)

            Ane wa hajime ni eigo o oshiete, tsugi ni hougaku o benkyou shite, ima mata hougaku o benkyou shite. Kono ikkai wa juu-gatsu kara Fukuoka ni sunde imasu.

            Watashi wa nihon e ikkai dake ikimashita. Itsu-ka dake de, Nara to Kyoto to Himeji-jo ni ikimashita. Nihongo no benkyou wa . . . irikumimasu. Juu-ichi-nen-goro mae ichi-nen-kan benkyou shite, roku-nen-goro mae mata ichi-nen-kan benkyou shite, ima heta ni narimashita.

            (I should figure out how to type kana and kanji into Firefox. This would be a lot more legible, then.)

          • sjcarpediem

            osokunatte, gomen. eigo no kyoushi daikai ni ittekimashita.

            sou desu yo! sagara sanosuke ha sono anime kara watashi no ichibansukinano kaara desu!

            hougaku desu ka!? watashi ha o-shamisen wo hikimasu, yo! daitai ni ji-uta-ryuu desu.

            uaa! youku benkyoushita, ne!?

            (Depending on your platform, it may or may not be easy to do such a thing. FYI, the problem usually arises when Firefox displays the comment notification email as often characters don’t display even if you have Firefox set up to display them… How’s your kanji? I’ve only got about 500–I know, I know, I should study more.)

  3. marycatelli

    You know what you’ve done now

    All our Muses are picking up the notion of multi-character amnesia and going oooh and aww and isn’t such a sweet little notion.

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: You know what you’ve done now

      I really, really don’t recommend it. It isn’t a sweet little notion at all; it’s a pain in the ass. :-/

      • marycatelli

        Re: You know what you’ve done now

        I know that, you know that, maybe even the Muses know that — have you ever known a Muse to care?

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