why I love gaming

In the midst of summarizing tonight’s session to kurayami_hime, I typed the sentence “And then they went and burned down San Quentin Prison.”*

Gaming, my friends, lends itself to gonzo behavior I would never put into a novel. (Other writers might; I’m just not that sort.) Torching San Quentin ain’t no jet-ski down an elevator shaft, but it amused me anyway. Random destruction of public property for the win! Guess that historical preservation thing won’t be happening after all . . . .

*Before one of the players corrects me: the xiuhcoatl was the one that actually burned down the prison. But it was the PCs’ fault that happened, so.

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    Oh, doesn’t it. though. Riding on a shield down the spiral stair to the evil overlord’s lair… Self-inflicted death by rhino… Self-declared god-hood via sink plungers…

  2. ninja_turbo

    I still remember that Scion game with great fondness. White linen suits, divine medical science, and delightfully over-the-top fight scenes with weaponized jetskis.

  3. wshaffer

    I had the pleasure of trying to explain this game today to a coworker who apparently has never encountered the concept of a role-playing game before. I didn’t even get to things like burning down San Quentin, but I think I got the concept across, since she said that it sounded like an incredible amount of fun.

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