Last night — fairly late, West Coast time — I noticed that Wikipedia’s article of the day was on the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

Later that same night, I noticed the OED’s word of the day was “gunpowder.”

Huh, I thought, that’s a funny coincide — oh.

Yeah, you’d think (having written a Gunpowder Plot story and all), I would remember Guy Fawkes Day. I can’t even blame it on me being in California, and therefore it still being November 4th when those things showed up; it still hasn’t registered on me that oh yeah, it’s November already.

Jeebus — where did 2010 go?

Anyway, it’s apparently also Diwali, so I hope my friends in many parts of the world are having fun lighting things on fire and making them go boom. (So long as none of those things are, say, the Houses of Parliament.)

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  1. dsmoen

    Also: good day to re-watch V for Vendetta. I do every year.

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