I suppose I should post a World Fantasy schedule.

I’m going to be a busy little swan this WFC. I’ve only got one official event:

The West Doesn’t Exist, 4 p.m. Thursday
For all the world is round and most educated people in antiquity knew this — Why is it that in so many fantasies, there are places on the map that you just can not go?

But I’m also part of a thirty-author group event at the OSU campus bookstore from 11-1 on Saturday, signing and doing a giveaway. Furthermore, akashiver is reading, and therinth is reading, and jimhines is reading, and and there’s a giant mass Black Gate reading Saturday night, and I’m supposed to have dinner with my editor in there somewhere, and gahhhhh I can already tell I’m going to be running all weekend. (For values of “running” that translate to “sitting or standing around having fabulous conversations and then realizing I need to be somewhere else and crap how did I get through the whole weekend without ever finding the time to hang out with <insert various awesome people here>?”

So yeah: look for the braid, come up and say hi. Especially if you’re somebody I don’t see very often. (Or have never actually met in person — jimhines, I’m looking at you.)

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  1. jimhines

    Operation Braidwatch is go! See you soon 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      . . . I just had a mean impulse to put my hair up in a bun for half the con.

      (But then I’d feel like I was at ballet class the whole time.)

      • ninja_turbo

        That makes me think of doing a ‘dance in fantasy’ panel. 🙂

        • Marie Brennan

          We joked about it for one ICFA or another; I don’t remember what the year’s theme was, but it was circa the time Doppelganger got sold/came out. As I recall, we couldn’t brainstorm many examples of it at all.

          • ninja_turbo

            I guess at that point, it could be a ‘why isn’t there more dancing in fantasy/sf?’

          • Marie Brennan

            “Neglected arts” in general could make a good panel. Music has gotten plenty of stage time in fantasy, but not so much dancing, or painting, or sculpture, etc.

  2. moonandserpent

    So sad I’m missing this.

  3. amysun

    I’m sure we’ll run into each other! I suppose the odds of us being on the same flight are pretty tiny. 🙂

  4. unforth

    Aw man, that Thursday event sounds interesting, but I won’t be able to get to C-bus until evening (8 – 9 if all goes well…) …but hopefully we can find a few minutes to see each other. If nothing else, I’ve spent a lot of time in C-bus, and know yummy, convenient places to get delicious food. 😉

    • Marie Brennan

      I hereby nominate you to join any dinner group I’m a part of. 🙂

      And I intend to find more than a few minutes to see you! Especially since you’re not a WFC regular. It helps to pair up with somebody who’s been there before, and they will schmooze you around introduce you to people.

      • unforth

        …that would be awesome. And relates to something I was wondering, cause I honestly have no idea – should I bring a around sample, like in hard copy? I’m sure I could find something appropriate if this is the kinda thing ppl do.., but I have absolutely no idea. 🙂
        Yay, tomorrow!!

        • Marie Brennan

          Other cons, maybe; this con, no. World Fantasy is great for networking, but in a generalized fashion: you meet people and hang out in the hallways and go to dinner and then afterward you benefit from that. It isn’t the sort of con editors and agents attend to listen to pitches (though those cons do exist). Which isn’t to say you should avoid saying anything about what you’re writing; if the conversation wanders around to the Civil War or whatever, by all means geek out! But I generally say the best way to network at World Fantasy is to make friends. Worry about business later.

          (Also, I expect the hard-copy approach is a no almost universally. Remember, whoever you gave it to would have to carry it home. Much more likely is that anybody whose interest you catch would say, e-mail it to me after the con.)

          • unforth

            That all makes excellent sense, and is goo, since making friends/meeting ppl was the main thing I was hoping to do while there (plus seeing existing friends, of course)

          • Marie Brennan

            That’s more or less how it tends to go — just that some of the friends you make might turn out to be important business contacts, too. 🙂

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