another brief missive, from near the end of the con


(The other thing, in this case, being my costume. Pictures will follow. Only the crown bit was the subject of the Boggan Deathmatch a while ago; the rest, I paid someone to make, because sewing it myself while also finishing With Fate Conspire would have required paying a lot more money in psychiatrist bills.)

Early breakfast tomorrow, then shuttle back to Denver, flight back to home. This has been fabulous, and there will be a detailed report.

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  1. coraa

    It was a gorgeous dress. And I’m very glad to have met you!

  2. babarnett

    Ditto the above. And because I was too caffeine deprived and doped up on cold medicine to think to tell you in person at the con, I also wanted to say that I really enjoyed your brawls and duels workshop.

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