120K! Actually, 122K!

I keep going backwards and forwards in this book, mucking around with crap in earlier scenes, then slapping words onto the end, and that’s why I’ve netted more than 2K today, not counting the words replacing the ones I cut. I think I FINALLY have a working version of Hodge’s Academy scene, which will be a bloody miracle if it’s true. And the thing in there is paying off on the back end with the new scene I added tonight. We’re getting into the Thrilling Climax now — if I can just wrangle all the parties into position.

Three weeks to deadline, and some heavy lifting to do before then. I’m very excited about what I’ve got here, but I really need a mallet to beat this damned book into behaving itself.

Oh, and if you know anything about dynamite, please do comment on the previous post.

Word count: 122,086
LBR quota: Blood. And Dead Rick loves me for it.
Authorial sadism: Aside from the Horrible Thing I Can’t Tell You About . . . Dead Rick not getting the specific blood he wants. (Not yet.)

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  1. edgyauthor

    Since I know nothing about dynamite…

    *hands you a mallet*

    You might not have gotten this book to behave itself yet, but congrats anyway! You seem to be making great progress with it so far. 🙂

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