0 Responses to “most quotable line from tonight’s dinner”

  1. squishymeister

    gaaaaaawww squish!

    too funny, I miss you guys!

  2. akashiver

    I miss both of you guys. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I have a finger puppet Plato. He’s got a magnet in his head and is stuck to my fridge. Any time I put him on he just starts quoting philosophers, not necessarily himself.

    • Anonymous

      Unemployed Philosophers Guild has that whole line of finger puppets. Great company to get nerdy gifts for the dork in your life. I gave my friend a Franklin Lloyd Wright one a few years ago for Christmas.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m not enough of a classicist to have ever done it, but I suspect if you take the first few dialogues (which scholars think are much, much closer to what Socrates actually said and did instead of what Plato put in his mouth), Aristophanes Socrates in The Clouds, and Xenophon’s account you’d probably get as close as was possible to the “real” Socrates. Of course, I’m not entirely sure anyone, including Plato, really knew the “real” Socrates; he seems to have been pretty enigmatic even to his contemporaries.

  5. edgyauthor

    Hah! Best opinion I’ve heard about Socrates ever.

    (Stumbled over here from Tiffany Trent’s blog. :P)

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