the reposting thing

I’m a little baffled by the appeal of crossposting one’s LJ comments to Twitter or Facebook, but anyway, it’s definitely a bad idea that you can do that with comments on somebody else’s LOCKED post (complete with links back to that post). So if you want to disable that for your own journal, it’s easy to fix in the LJ settings, and there’s also a poll going that apparently has gotten the attention of at least one of the LJ Powers That Be.

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  1. attackfish

    Except that it doesn’t work for all journal styles, and it doesn’t work on people who use “style=mine” or “format-light” to view everything in.

    • Marie Brennan

      Ah, dang. Well, at least it’s a partial fix, until such time as the weight of opinion might get LJ to fix the security hole.

  2. silme

    Thank you for the links.

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