Norilana signal boost

You may not know who Norilana Books or Vera Nazarian are, but you’ve heard of some of what they do, because they’re the lovely people who put out the Clockwork Phoenix anthologies.

It’s their fourth anniversary of being in business, and I cannot encourage you enough to go buy something from their site. The CP books particularly, because Mike Allen’s done a fabulous job with them — and I don’t just say that because he’s bought three stories from me — but they’re also the ones who have taken over the venerable Sword and Sorceress series, and I’ve been meaning to pick up Lace and Blade for a while (in fact, I’m doing that now). In short, they have a lot of very nifty books, and Norilana is a great small press. Help them celebrate their fourth anniversary, and check out what they do.

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  1. norilana

    Thank you kindly for the boost! Need every mention we can get! 🙂

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