Holy Boggan Deathmatch, Batman!

Spent most of this evening working on a sekrit costume project.

In all those hours, there was only one outbreak of profanity.

Dude, this never. happens. Normally I’m swearing before the first hour is up. But I was probably a good four hours in before I busted out the four-letter words, and it only lasted a few seconds, and the thing is almost done, and it looks awful perty, and if the one thing I’m really worried about doesn’t happen then this will have been the most successful Boggan Deathmatch ever. (Not that any of its predecessors constitute a terribly high bar to clear.)

Many thanks to khet_tcheba, my guide and partner in crime, without whom this would not have gone nearly so well.

(And no, you don’t get to find out what the sekrit project is. Not yet, anyway. I promise there will be pictures after it’s been put to its intended use.)

0 Responses to “Holy Boggan Deathmatch, Batman!”

  1. la_marquise_de_

    Costuming without profanity is a rare skill.

  2. sapphohestia

    Pretty please? You taunt me with a boggan death match and don’t share the juicy gossip about what it’s for?

  3. unforth

    Well, with sewing as in many things, practice does make perfect – the more you sew, the less often you are to have things go wrong, and the less likely you are to feel the need to break out in strings of expletives that would make sailors blush…

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