August 11th is Crankypants Day

Continuing the theme from last night, I am having an extremely crankypants day. The cloudy weather isn’t helping; this is the kind of day where I could really use to go sit in warmth and sunshine, and there is neither to be had.


Please to be posting good news, or funny anecdotes, or pictures of adorable kittens. I could use it today.

0 Responses to “August 11th is Crankypants Day”

  1. kendokamel

    Photochrom prints from the 1890s

    Gods Playing Poker

    The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

  2. rabidfangurl

    Adorable kitty video

    Not Always Right

  3. kendokamel

    Huge Drawn Panoramic Map of London circa 1845

  4. wyld_dandelyon

    Here is one of my True Kitten Stories–and it’s even short!

  5. aulus_poliutos

    Playmobil Romans. 🙂

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