In which your correspondent’s feet continue gimpy

Sometimes I think it might be refreshing to break my arm.

I don’t want a broken arm, of course. But if I’m going to injure something, it might be a nice change of pace to have it be something on the upper half of my body, instead of the lower.

What brings this on? Oh, the little toe of my left foot, which I have just broken for the third freaking time. Also the middle toe of that foot, which is sprained: a nice companion to the sprain in the big toe of my right foot that I suffered last year. And the ankle surgery when I was nine, and the ankle surgery when I was twenty-nine — same ankle, natch — not to mention the countless sprains on that front over the years. And (for a minor change of pace) the damaged cartilege in my left knee, and the problem with the saphenous nerve in my right leg that never did get explained but eventually went away.

But I suppose between me and my brother’s four broken arms*, we balance out. Whoever was responsible for dealing out injuries to my family really needed to shuffle the deck better.

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things this is minor; I probably won’t even get it x-rayed. (There’s no point unless the fracture is displaced enough to potentially cause mobility problems later on, and at the moment there’s no particular reason to think that’s the case.) It is certainly not truepenny‘s recent catastrophe with her ankle. But I gotta say that it’s bloody annoying.

*That is, he’s had a broken arm four times. He does not have four arms that got broken.

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  1. beccastareyes

    I just get aches and pains. I totally blame a bike accident in college for my bad left knee that acts up in crappy weather and too much unexpected activity, and a car accident from a couple years ago for any pains I get in my right side (shoulder and leg). Except the time I got bursitis in my right shoulder last December from putting a bag into an overhead bin. That was murder, since I couldn’t use my right arm for much without wanting to curl up into a tiny ball.

    I’m not even thirty yet. And I’ve never broken a bone. Maybe if I wasn’t so adverse to pain, it would be nice to have an excuse to sit around with a cast and watch Babylon 5* or something.

    • Marie Brennan

      The toe is especially annoying because I know for a fact the first two breaks were actually the same break: it didn’t heal right, so the next time I smacked that toe into something, it broke along the exact same line. It’s possible that’s what’s happened here again, though I’d have to get the x-ray to be sure.

      But trust me, being immobilized by an injury is nice for a short time, and then really obnoxious for a much longer time. >_<

      • beccastareyes

        True. After the car accident, it was nice to have TV time, and nice to earn some serious science cred showing up to work with bandages over my scrapes, but after a month I was all ‘to hell with this pain, I want to feel normal again’.

  2. diatryma

    During junior high and high school, my sister managed to mess up her leg pretty badly. Always the same leg, I think, beginning with a bad fall skiing. It got to the point that, when Mom went to pick her up at church camp, she saw crutches through a door or something and knew it was Baby Sister.

    • Marie Brennan

      It seems to be true that if you injure something a couple of times, you’re that much more likely to injure it again in the future.

      • diatryma

        Mom blames that one night skiing, the first time they stayed open until ten instead of nine. Everything kind of piled on after that.

  3. zellandyne

    Ouch. Lots of ice?

  4. la_marquise_de_

    If it’s any comfort, I always injure myself on my left side. Ankle, knee, rib, wrist. Left, left, left, left.

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