After a few days’ break, I’m back on the horse. And how; in addition to 1,142 words to kick off Part Three, I backtracked to add a couple of necessary scenes to Part One. 1,874 to cover one, and 942 to start the other, for a total of 3,958 today.

Why so much? Because I wanted to hit 90K, dammit. So I did.

The additions are important. For something so central to this book, the Underground really hadn’t appeared onstage properly, so one of the additions is basically Cyma Rides the Train; the other gets the Academy onstage faster and more clearly, which will help with the Part Three scenes I’m about to write that feature it. As for Part Three itself, I waffle between trying to figure out how I’m going to fill all forty-five thousand words, and panicking that there’s no way I can get everything necessary into a mere forty-five thousand words — which is a pretty good sign that we’re about to leave the Middle and move into the End. Once that happens, I doubt I’ll have trouble meeting my daily quota.

Word count: 90,001. (Yes, I hit my goal and stopped. At least I finished the sentence.)
LBR quota: When your protagonists are kinda trying to kill each other, it’s blood.
Authorial sadism: Aside from making Cyma ride the train? Making Dead Rick be too vulnerable to hide it.

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