Marathon it is.

If I didn’t have a very full day planned for tomorrow, I would totally stay up and see if I can knock off the final scene of this part. As it stands, I’ll have to call it a night after only 4,441 words.

Favorite line: “So that’s where the fucking naga went.” Surprise naga for the win!

(Do me a favor and forget about the naga by the time the book comes out next year. Otherwise it won’t be a surprise.)

Edited to add: Eh, screw it. Sleep is for the weak. And this way I’ll get to kick back properly tomorrow night.

Edit 2: 5,731, and that’s Part Two in the bag. I’ll probably have to fix the end of that scene — it went a bit woppy-jawed after I decided to postpone the Giant Screaming Match until the beginning of Part Three — but whatever. I’m putting this thing, and myself, to bed.

P.S. — 86,040 words of book.

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    I’m a role player. I’ll have forgotten the naga by next Tuesday.

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