The 80K landmark used to mean more to me. It still means “real book” in a way lower numbers don’t; it’s hard to sell an adult book that’s less than eighty thousand words long. But it used to mean I was well over halfway done with the novel, maybe seventy or eighty percent of the way there.

And then I started writing Onyx Court books. <sigh>

On the bright side, I’m close enough to the end of Part Two that I can taste it. Barring disaster, I’ll be done by the end of the month (which is the goal); I may even finish in the next day or two, if I decide to marathon my way through Eliza and Dead Rick’s big climactic scenes. (And that will mostly be determined by how quickly I figure out how to wrangle my plot-pieces together in an exciting fashion.)

Word count: 80, 309
LBR quota: Rhetoric, maybe? That’s what usually covers faerie science, and Dead Rick is actually flexing his teeny-tiny scholar muscle.
Authorial sadism: Neither Dead Rick, nor Eliza, nor Tom, will ever know that the pieces briefly came together there on Cheapside. (Several months too late for Eliza.)

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    I look at my current book, and recite 90k to myself firmly, because really it does not need to be longer…

    • Marie Brennan

      In retrospect, I shouldn’t have held Midnight to 110K; it could have used a little more room to let the intrigue and period detail breathe. But at the time, I was trying to stick to the length of my previous books. (Then Ashes laughed in the face of any such notion.)

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