Bit by bit, the landmarks pass.

If I can just figure out what’s happening in Dead Rick’s next three scenes or so, I’ll be set for the rest of this Part. Then I can maybe kick my pace up a bit and try to finish before the end of the month, giving me a few days to plot strategy for Part Three before I dive into it. That would be nice. This whole “days off” thing is still weird, but I like to do it when I can.

. . . dang it. I had figured out something for Hodge’s scene, and now I’ve forgotten it.

Oh well. If it was a good idea, it’ll come back.

Word count: 70,092
LBR quota: Love, maybe? Whatever covers figuring out that doing something constructive can help tide you over until that revenge thing happens.
Authorial sadism: Hodge can’t get no respect. <g>

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