The authors is always the last to know.

. . . oh.


Apparently one of the things this book is about? Is identity.

You’d think I would have noticed it sooner, what with the stuff with Eliza and the stuff with Dead Rick and now that I think about it the stuff with Cyma — come on, Hodge, jump on the bandwagon; you know you want to — hell, even Owen has identity stuff going on. But no, I had to get nearly 70K into the book before I saw the obvious, and even then I only did because I was grumbling to myself about how many times I’ve changed Cyma’s name. I thought, you’ve got identity issues, and then I thought, oh.

And I was just about to ask myself what the hell this has to do with the rest of the book, when it occurred to me that that’s obvious, too.

Subconscious, you’re a real bastard sometimes, you know that?

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  1. janni

    I love when that happens. 🙂

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