60K, with rather more speed

Thanks to some revision work that added non-trivial numbers of words to the manuscript, I’m at 60K already. This is satisfying, as I’ll be leaving for a friend’s wedding on Thursday, and intend to take a break from the book while I’m gone.

I’ve been doing this a lot, and it’s weird. Used to be, when I wrote a novel, it was a thousand words a day come hell or high water, and I gave myself enormous guilt trips over every day I missed. But I built in extra safety time to my schedule this year, so I’ve been doing a lot of alternating between down time and bursts of high activity. Hey, if it works, it’s good, and in this case I really think I should give myself the time off.

Since I’m going to be on a cruise to the Bahamas. ^_^

Anyway, one more day of work tomorrow; need to figure out if the next Dead Rick scene should really be what I currently have planned, or if it’s one of those things I’ll probably end up ripping out a few weeks from now, in which case I’ll push forward with Eliza or Cyma while I give Dead Rick more thought. I need another 20-25K by the end of the month, which will require some 1500-word days to pull off. As long I know where I’m going, though, it’s entirely doable.

Word count: 60,006
LBR quota: not nearly as much blood as Dead Rick was expecting. Which should tell him something — but he’s not good enough at intrigue to sort that tangle out.
Authorial sadism: sorry, Galen. Apparently I didn’t spend enough time torturing you in your own book.

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    Time off is hugely important. And work patterns change over time. What counts is what works for you.
    And yay Bahamas!

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