not quite too late

You may recall hearing about Peter Watts (Canadian scientist and science fiction author) being beaten and arrested at the U.S. border. If not, well, go here for references that will tell you what happened.

My primary reason for that link, though, is the fundraiser Cat Sparks is setting up. One of Watts’ short stories is up for a Hugo this year, and since (as a convicted felon) he can’t attend future conventions on U.S. soil, it would be especially nice if he could attend WorldCon in Australia. Aussicon has comped his membership; the fundraiser is to pay for his airfare and hotel. They’ve almost got enough, but they’re a few dollars short, and so (despite being terribly late in posting this), I’m tossing it out there for interested parties to see.

Since the money is being handled through Paypal, this is purely a donation thing. The fact that Watts may end up chosing the name of a donor for tuckerization (that is, there will be a character in his next book with that name, who will probably die horribly) is pure coincidence. So is the fact that there are other things being given away. These are not prizes. Just coincidence. Nothing more.


Anyway, the story of Watts’ conviction is a deeply frustrating one, so if you can spare even five bucks to help him get to Australia, please do.

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