game ideas I don’t have time to run

Changelings (in the Changeling: The Dreaming sense) strike back against the Banality of the modern world by adapting to a mythology modern Americans are prepared to believe in:

They frame themselves as superheroes.

Wind Runner to fly, Flicker Flash to teleport, Quicksilver for super-speed . . . Skycraft to throw lightning, Pyretics to throw fire . . . the troll birthright for super-strength . . . you can’t duplicate every power ever given to superheroes in the comics, but you don’t have to. You just have to get far enough, and then let the bright spandex costumes do the rest. Clark Kent turning into Superman is just a question of calling upon the Wyrd.

(Nockers as gadgeteer heroes. Holy crap, does that make Batman a nocker?)

I so don’t have time to run this, but. The idea amuses me.

Updated with ideas, from kniedzw and me wandering around the farmer’s market:
Batman’s a Dougal sidhe, not a nocker, provided you can find a good physical flaw. Iron Man is ABSOLUTELY a Dougal. Superman’s a troll; he even wears blue! Spiderman, maybe a spider pooka. Catwoman, cat pooka definitely. Cyclops as a Balor who’s trying to be good? <g> And the Incredible Hulk fighting against his ogre nature’s worst instincts. Aquaman as merfolk. Swamp Thing as a ghille dhu. Gambit as an eshu with Legerdemain. Mr. Fantastic maybe has Metamorphosis (Go Ask Alice, applied selectively); Human Torch has Pyretics. Storm has Skycraft, obviously. Can’t really do Rogue, or Professor X’s telepathy. I could see Wonder Woman as a Gwydion, maybe. I’d probably make Wolverine’s claws a Treasure, implanted in him by a crazy nocker.

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  1. ninja_turbo

    Yes, please.

    A lot.

    Also, Batman I think is instead a Dougal. His flaw is “MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!”

    • Marie Brennan

      Ah, good call; that fits much better with the Bruce Wayne side of things. (Though the flaw has to be physical, of course.)

      Iron Man is so much a Dougal that it isn’t even funny. <g&Gt;

      • ninja_turbo

        Now there are a ton of gadgeteers who are good Knockers — Doctor Octopus, The Vulture, Blue Beetle, etc.

        Plus, one or more groups of Unseelie would follow suit and become supervillains, either collaboratively with the heroes or just to fear-monger.

        • Marie Brennan

          Don’t even have to be Unseelie; a few Seelie sidhe convinced that the world would be so much better if they were running it would make a fine group of supervillains.

          But yeah, I kind of imagine this getting its start via a group of changelings deciding to cooperatively stage fights between themselves in public. Once the idea got planted, an actual culture of conflict developed. (With maybe some “supervillains” who are actually still working behind the scenes with the heroes.)

          Doc Ock: definitely a nocker, yes. Maybe Wolverine’s a redcap?

          I told Kyle I think Lex Luthor is an Ailill masquerading as “just a guy,” not a changeling at all, the better to manipulate people.

          Boggans are hard to map to the comic-book paradigm, I must admit.

  2. beccastareyes

    I’d play in it. I love me some meta about myths and stories… and superheroes.

  3. gollumgollum

    I think a really talented soothsayer and oneiromancer could do ‘telepathy’–asking ghosts and finding the person’s true name, seeing their dreams. Not so much an ‘i know exactly what you’re thinking’ as much as educated guesses about the person’s character. And then things like chicanery to make the person think they’re hearing the ‘telepath’s’ voice in their mind (i hear him talking, but his lips aren’t moving!).

    • Marie Brennan

      Good point on the speaking to end of telepathy. You can also do various forms of mind control with Chicanery (Fugue, Captive Heart). And, as Kyle pointed out, you could achieve actual mind-reading if it was a kinain with numina — but that’s mixing genres a bit.

  4. kendokamel

    I approve of this concept. (;

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