My birthday comes early this year . . . or late

Early because the news comes a couple of months before my birthday, late because it won’t actually become a reality until a couple of months after: the historical thesaurus to the OED will be going online in December.

It feels kind of like a sign from On High, that this won’t be available until after I finish drafting and revisions on the Victorian book (though copy-edits will likely still be ahead of me, and page proofs definitely will). i.e. the universe is saving me from what might otherwise happen, which is that my progress would slow to a crawl as my obsessiveness in checking my word choice shot through the roof.

Anyway. Yes. I’m an enormous geek. Not that this comes as a surprise to anybody who’s been reading this journal. But some of you are enormous geeks, too, so I thought I should share.

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    Ooooh… I am so with you on geekery about words.

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