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Because, having cleaned out my browser, I don’t want it getting cluttered again so soon:

Miss D.C. body-slams groper

So, it’s worth mentioning that responding physically to someone groping you is not necessarily a good idea; it can escalate a situation that might have otherwise stayed minor, to the detriment of the woman trying to protect herself. But what I love about this is a) the hilarious contrast of a beauty queen slamming somebody into a wall, and b) more importantly, the way that hilarious contrast has helped make this incident news: Miss D.C., Jen Corey, now has a chance to talk about the truly unacceptable way women are often treated while engaged in such provocative activities as walking down a public street. And she isn’t letting that chance go to waste. To which I say, well-done, ma’am. The more we talk about this, the better.

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  1. d_c_m

    Rock the hell on Ms. D.C.!!!!!!

  2. zellandyne

    She is awesome. And she’s handling the publicity really well, it seems.

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