We’ll call that “finit.”

Well, that was unexpected.

Approximately two minutes before I started typing on tonight’s work, I decided the scene in question was going to be about a disturbance in the Onyx Hall. (Prior to that, I had no freaking clue what I was going to write.) Now I have 2,071 new words, and I’m going to say Part One is done.

It isn’t really done. For starters, Dead Rick needs another scene before the one I just wrote — only I’m not sure what it is, which is how I ended up writing this one instead — and even once I take care of that, Part One will still be running a few thousand words short of what I intended. But the reason we’re in this position is that I’m pretty sure I need to replace a few of Eliza’s scenes (AGAIN), and I’m hoping that will help me figure out just where I’ve gone wrong with Dead Rick’s plotline, and (more importantly) what I need to do to fix it.

So why say Part One is finished? Because the goal was to be done with it before I left for London, and then to poke at revising it while I’m away, so that I come back (theoretically) bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to start Part Two. And this weekend is going to be moderately busy on several fronts. So making this declaration allows me to say, okay; for the next three days I should do what revision I can, but I don’t have to make progress toward the end of Part One, because I’m already there. If I spend tomorrow afternoon replacing an Eliza scene, that does not in any way set me back from my goal. And if I need to spend more time chewing on Dead Rick’s problems before I find their solution, that’s okay, because that’s “revision work” — even if I’m adding an entirely new scene to the story.

In other words, it’s semantics. But it gets the job done.

Word count: 38,372
LBR quota: Dead Rick stepped on somebody who was trampled by a crowd, so it’s definitely blood.
Authorial sadism: This is what you get for being the one decent guy in the Goblin Market, hon.

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