I can’t get Eleanor of Aquitaine, but I *can* get Hypatia

How come I never heard about this movie?

Dude — it’s Hypatia! In a movie about science! And religion! In fourth-century Egypt! And it sounds like like the script is actually intelligent!

Wonders really will never cease.

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  1. kateelliott

    I just saw that, too. I have got to find that movie. Hypatia!!!! And Rachael Weisz can totally manage that part, because I love her.

    • Marie Brennan

      Sadly, it’s only in Manhattan, and L.A. later this summer. I don’t know if it will get a wider release; I’ll probably have to check it out on DVD.

      Fortunately, Netflix has gotten good about adding upcoming movies to their database, so I can just “save” everything I’m interested in seeing, and it will pop into my queue when it becomes available.

      • kateelliott

        Well, then Honolulu is probably right out. We have a big screen tv, though.

        The trailer looked awesome, but I do wonder: does it pass the Bechdel Test? Cuz all I saw was Hypatia and bunch’o’men. But, we can hope!

        • Marie Brennan

          I kind of expect it to fail on that front, but not in a bad way, if that makes sense. It’s about 4th-century Alexandria, and a woman in a traditionally masculine field. Which isn’t to say there aren’t ways to get more women into the story — but they’re kind of delicate ways, and so I won’t be surprised if they don’t happen. On the other hand, it looks like Hypatia is a strong and intelligent character — strong because intelligent — respected by at least some of the men around her, and that makes me happy.

      • kateelliott

        And, yeah, I have to Saved already on my Netflix queue.

  2. stormsdotter

    …I saw “Hypatia” and instantly thought of Misty Lacky’s space-faring archeologist. Who was named for the Alexandrian librarian, of course.

    Writers have odd associations.

  3. moonandserpent

    Limited US release. Came out in the rest of the world a while back. Couldn’t find a US distributor due to its controversial content.

  4. d_c_m

    I’ve seen ads for this movie for some time and I so want to own/see it!

  5. Anonymous

    A movie about a brainy chick in ancient Egypt. . . somehow I think I might like it. . . just maybe.


    • Marie Brennan

      Granted, it’s kind of Greco-Roman Egypt by then. But still.

      • aulus_poliutos

        There seem to have been a few niches for women at that time. We got proof for at least two female Roman physicians in the Roman towns at the Rhine.

        It took a long time until that was possible for a woman again – the first to get her doctorate in medicine was Dorothea Christiane von Erxleben in 1755.

  6. akashiver

    It sounds really interesting! I’ll have to try and see it.

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