getting ready to go

It’s odd, watching my brain ricochet around on the things I Have To Get Done before I go to London. Some of them are entirely practical: buy contact lens solution. Some of them are ongoing: do my writing each day. Some could be delayed, but are better off being done now: mail books to people who have been promised them.

Some? Are just a function of how my brain works. Clean my office. Because I hate coming back from a trip and finding my desk buried under all the crap I didn’t deal with before I left. Buy a new lamp. Because we moved the stand-lamp from my office downstairs to improve the lighting there, which had the unfortunate side-effect of worsening the lighting in here, and that’s making it hard to get work done at night. Move the convertible chair-thing out to the front hall, and find a place for the tiny shelving whose place it’s taking. Why? Because I thought of it while driving back from buying the lamp, and having thought of it, had to do it immediately upon getting home, even if as priorities go it isn’t all that high.

I’m not too concerned about getting the absolutely critical things done in time. But I’d like to get the little things done too, if I can, and those are what are making me twitch. Will I have time to get a back massage? Not sure. Maybe I should bump that up from the “nice, but not necessary” list to “critical requirement.” It might even be true.

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  1. mrissa

    I recognize my non-you status and mileage varying and all that.

    But me? I tend to put back massage on the “critical requirement” list most times, since most of the work I do cannot be done without a functional back.

    • Marie Brennan

      The major hurdle was whether the spa would be open on Memorial Day (which is the day I leave, and also a day I had blocked off as being essentially useless for other tasks). They are, and so the schedule of my departure day looks like:

      12 – massage
      1 – barbeque with family
      11 – fly out

      Which is about what I was hoping for. Especially since, as per my other post, Part One is “done.”

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