The List (mostly)

For those who have been following the Adventure of the Book I’m Totally Not Working On, I Swear, here is the present list of knightly names:

  • Audacia (Courage)
  • Castimonia (Purity)
  • Justitia (Justice)
  • Misericordia (Mercy)
  • Obedentia (Obedience)
  • Patientia (Patience)
  • Reverentia (Reverence)
  • Sollertia (Skill)
  • Sophia (Wisdom)
  • Temperantia (Temperance)
  • Valentia (Strength)
  • Vigilantia (Vigilance)

I may end up tweaking it, but for now, that’s the set.

Now I’m off to see if I can convince myself to do my Victorian writing now, making my evening simpler, and also leaving me time to play with this . . . .

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  1. amysun

    I can tell how very much you’re not working on this idea. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      Well, see, I couldn’t really work on it because I didn’t have names for the characters yet. And how can I start writing scenes without names?

      With that obstacle gone, however . . . .

  2. kateelliott

    Oh, this makes me laugh.

    They’re very cool, and I like them tons. I’m laughing because of the other conversation we had about this.

    • Marie Brennan

      How’s your New Shiny going? <g>

      • kateelliott

        See, I am womanfully resisting it. or, at least, I was so busy yesterday, and had to catch up on lost wordage from Monday (or so I told myself) plus I am concurrently reading through my page proofs, that I did not actually think about it AT ALL. In fact, now I’m kind of *ashamed* that I didn’t.

  3. hawkwing_lb

    Those sound really cool.

  4. dr_whom

    “Audacia” isn’t ‘courage’ so much as ‘boldness’ or ‘daring’. If you’re fine with that, no problem; but I figured I should point it out.

  5. difrancis

    somehow I want to see endurance on that list. Which I suppose could be akin to patience. And of course you’re not working on it. I can tell. It’s obvious.

  6. lady_jade_01

    few more 🙂

    1) Chastity- Castitas
    2) Temperance- Temperantia
    3) Charity- Caritas
    4) Diligence- Industria
    5) Patience- Patientia
    6) Kindness- Humanitas
    7) Humility- Humilitas
    8) Bravery- Audacia
    9) Peaceful- Quietas
    10) Friendly- Benignitas
    11) Merciful- Clementia
    12) Nourishing- Almatia

  7. iriththedreamer

    Now that is a beautiful list of names. And I want to read the story, a lot…

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