I’ll believe it when I see it, but . . . .

Courtesy of moonandserpent: Elfquest movie inches closer to actual existence.

I’ve always assumed the thing would never happen, but if it did . . . folks, this is one of the deep foundational stories in my head, one of the things that’s been with me for years and years and years. A movie would either be awesome or a travesty. I’m willing to risk the latter for the chance of the former.

And now I need to persuade myself that the things I have to get done today take priority over curling up with Elfquest.

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  1. stormsdotter

    OMG YAY!!!!!! And have I mentioned Squee??

    ElfQuest has been my favorite comic since my bio dad handed me his Starblaze editions and told me to amuse myself so he could get some writing done.

  2. coraa

    Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it too, but I remain hopeful.

  3. querldox

    Trying to recall when the first Elfquest movie rumors/reports first came out; think it’s been at least 20 years, so it’s really something that I’ll believe when it’s in the theaters.

  4. lady_puck9999

    Ooooooh that would be SO SO COOL! PLEASE let it happen!

    • Marie Brennan

      Don’t get too excited. The potential movie has been in development hell for going on thirty years; there’s no guarantee this time will be the charm.

      • Anonymous

        Hope springs eternal!

        After the reminder that all of the comics are online, I have spent most of the afternoon rereading EQ instead of studying for my Feminist Philosophy exam tomorrow.

        …reading about female wolfriders is sort of like studying for feminist philosophy… right?

      • lady_puck9999

        Er, ah… sorry about that. The lousy Irish internet crapped out on me once again.

  5. Marie Brennan

    Right! Hey, I once wrote an archaeology paper about them, so why not?

    (No worries about the double-post. I’ll delete the other.)

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