almost . . . there . . .

Come on, brain. We only need 150 more words, and then we can stop for tonight. And yes, that does mean you’ll have to figure out just what Dead Rick thinks he’s accomplishing by going to La Madura, but we’ve got to make a decision on that sooner or later. If it’s sooner, that means we can spend tomorrow thinking about its ramifications, and that will make tomorrow’s writing easier.

Of course, it would help if we knew what Dead Rick is supposed to be finding. And we already skipped over that one to start tonight’s work. This skipping-details thing, it is not working out so well for us.

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  1. swords_and_pens

    Had a night like that myself. Figured out why one thing wasn’t working, only to have to now figure out motivation for the solution. The solution works — now the character just has to tell me why he thinks it’s a good idea to go it alone at this junture.

    Hope Rick talked to you. Me, I had to call it a night since I have kiddos to wrangle in the AM. 🙂

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